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Nowadays, there are many dietary directives that strike our social and domestic day. Numerous implications, of a health and economic nature, connected with the image of well-being in personal behavioral choices, are transmitted to us in the most varied circumstances, in search of the best, winning and convincing proposals for achieving the most enduring health style. From childhood to the most advanced, the most common preventive and therapeutic programs are based primarily on food choices that condemn certain foods trash and fast. Then there are the dietary, slimming, toning, energetic, vegetarian, protein, mixed, etc. proposals. that, aiming at making it comfortable to stay in shape, on every occasion, they see us "busy" in order to feel good at the table and in their free time.

Everyone of us would like to know that he made the right choice.

  1.  Feeding with fresh seasonal foods, ugly aesthetically, or follow the essential taste of preserved foods so easy to get?
  2. Integrate the diet with soluble capsules and powders or use fruit, vegetables and frozen products doc?
  3. Promote digestibility to be able to carry out activities without discomfort, or get time to eat healthy and complete meals?

The answer is often 'around the corner' because, in the vast majority of cases, it is realized, even by professionals. how enormous is the variability of the types of pipelines and food programs of each. Pursuing the health effect through food is certainly a possible and plausible goal in modern society, thanks to the knowledge we have at our disposal, to the specific tests that support us, to the control of the toxicity, both of the products 'body.

What can us guarantee the ability of our body to maintain the best balance by reinvigorating its natural energy?

In the Longlife Nutrition Style we are convinced that there are components that can perform this action, through daily feeding, combined in appropriate quantities, associated with the purity of food, to nutrition according to the needs, with the gratification of real flavors. . For this reason we prefer organic products, selected far more than many pharmaceutical supplements. This can guarantee, along with the right cenestesis, the tissue replacement and the energy supply we need.  To achieve this target we also control the systems of cultivation of products, believing that the most natural are the best for our health. Just considering that in the past the lesser possibility of eating with meat, due to the absence of such an intensive breeding, such as today's, man has developed considerable faculties in cultivating the products of the earth, using natural methods, from sowing to harvest.

By selecting products and their cultivation methods, according to natural systems, also thanks to elements endowed with natural antiseptic action, or resorting to natural environmental phenomena (instead of drastic treatments that destroy the useful factors).   Furthermore, this may have contributed, in our opinion, to our genetic development of the 'regenerative faculties' of such foods on the organism. It is really emblematic that today, with the modern scientific observation, it has been ascertained how many food factors are at the base of the disorders that undermine health, causing the organism's diseases (v. the allergic, degenerative, autoimmune, tumoral and inflammatory diseases).  On the other hand, how many therapeutic compounds are found in natural agro-food selections, which play a functional and therapeutic action? These as we know, are often being given also as pills....   In the Longlife Nutrition Style instead  the maintenance of the state of health, can be achieved by feeding in a 'healthy way', with wholesome and tasty food made of natural functional ingredients, from organic crops. In fact our selection derives precisely by an assessment of the original elements and proper quantities of the final agricultural products, before they become food, working on eliminating all previous or subsequent changes.

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Our office is currently located in Rome, Italy (EU) and Miami, FL (USA)


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Long Life Nutrition Style will be present at the next Food Conventions in USA

Long Life Nutrition Style will be present at the next Food Conventions in Europe