Mar, May 28, 2024

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  Longlife Nutrition Style  is a brand that presents a feeding model with native products selected according to natural quality criteria and combined according to diets that favor absorption, following canons of taste, freshness and safety in terms of non-toxicity with a keen eye on the best.  On the basis of the aforementioned requirements, through the combinations of recipes offered, with the different diet profiles that cover the physiological and pathological needs of the consumer, the choice of food and nutritional intake are able to satisfy a positive final effect on longevity as well as on well-being, this short and long-term strategy is the result of the application of scientific canons that are based on the numerous knowledge established by the science of international nutrition.

In fact, within the preparations of the food and the assortment, made with various methods and in adequate quantities, they are aggregated to native food products, both integrative substances recognized for the type of consumer subject and the addition of variable doses of nutraceutical extracts . Said elements with which the quantities already contained in certain foods are "upgraded", or added ex novo according to canons of palatability and functionality, enrich the blending of new nutritive qualities, even being formulated for an extemporaneous use in appropriate mixing that are added at the time of consumption. The nutraceuticals in question, called the 'Nutrasemplici' of the Longlife Nutrition Style can be packaged in juices, gels, creams, tinctures, powders for teas or syrups, etc. in order to be consumed easily right at the moment.

The selection of food products selected ab origin for the Longlife Nutrition Style also takes into account the origin of the geo-magnetic origin and some climatic-seasonal data of the chosen food, the cultivation method, particularly pushing the search for a selection based on the possession of biological criteria that are preferable for healthy indications. All the ingredients are also tested in this way and protected in order to maintain the parameters within the range of choice. In addition, it is also aimed at a dynamic consumer, and for example they formulate specific indications even for long stays abroad or for whose that are doing frequently long distance journeys and often dealing with jet lags.

The resolutions that substantiate the bioethnic composition of the food are also particular, in reference not only to the personal characteristics of the subject but also to his biological state, to his taste, to his biotype and to the epigenetic carachters. This is part of the personalization of the diet, through a clinical consultations addressed by a team of experts, as well as an international group of chefs who elaborate the culinary products and all gastronomic recipes. 


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Our office is currently located in Rome, Italy (EU) and Miami, FL (USA)


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Long Life Nutrition Style will be present at the next Food Conventions in USA

Long Life Nutrition Style will be present at the next Food Conventions in Europe