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The dissemination of recommendations through the international public health systems aimed at modifying incorrect habits, useful to promote an adequate lifestyle, both those related to diet and physical activity, are associated with the many prevention tips and measures most useful for treatment of diseases, based on the continuous acquisitions of Medicine.  These general guidelines for the entire population obviously lack specificity, which is decisive for the individual, in relation to the complex interactions between his own genetic make-up and the environment in which he lives.  On the other hand, Lifestyle is a concept that constitutes the fundamental parameter of this new vision of personalized medicine that adopts an approach to health care according to the parameters of an individual's health with a specific "point-of-care" diagnosis.

The development of a Lifestyle-oriented medicine, through therapeutic strategies capable of improving individual health outcomes, is instead the necessary choice, and more than ever, in the management of chronic diseases.

The Longlife Nutrition Style is the result of the application of the lifestyle concept of personalized medicine for individualized patient care, which includes the identification of genetic variants through laboratory tests and functional biomarkers, in order to program specific dietary prescriptions alongside appropriate physical exercise, to cope with the risks of each against the degree of stress that may be encountered, in consideration of the elements associated with the environment that surrounds it.   Therefore, our personal Lifestyle is integrated with the nutritional effect introduced with the Longlife Nutrition Style, and is concretely able to prevent and provide better solutions to health problems, especially chronic ones, by exploiting the knowledge and applications of technologies.  Innovations based on new and exceptional discoveries in the field of Genomics, on Epigenetics, applicable to the Biology of Vital Systems and Behavioral Sciences. Not forgetting that  the actual global approach to the metabolic syndromes and weight unbalance is more functional, and with personalized pathways,is able to supports greater safety of therapies reducing the cost of chronic diseases. 

Longlife Nutrition Style  is a pleasant and tasty food choice for everyone, can easily becomes an active habit, extremely useful to preserve our health and the efficiency of the body, according to the best way to prevention, keeping an eye on our healthy aging!

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Our office is currently located in Rome, Italy (EU) and Miami, FL (USA)


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Long Life Nutrition Style will be present at the next Food Conventions in USA

Long Life Nutrition Style will be present at the next Food Conventions in Europe