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No matter the amount of research that scientists do into anti-aging medicine, no matter how skilled physicians become in using these tools, if people will not turn their own attention to changing their diets for the better, there can be no completely successful cases in the realm of longevity medicine. Proper nutrition must be combined with appropriate exercise and necessary anti-aging medicine tools in order to create a fully lived, long, and healthy life. 

The biggest health problem facing the Western countries citizens today is obesity. More than half of us are over our ideal weight and more than one-third are obese enough to significantly raise the risk of disease and premature death. Nutrition is one of the greatest weapons against disease. Keeping fats below 30 percent of total calories consumed and cholesterol intake below 200 mg will markedly cut your risk of heart disease.

Eating five servings a day of fruits and vegetables lowers your chances of getting cancer. And a recent study found that eating nine to ten daily servings of fruits and vegetables along with three servings of low-fat dairy products is as effective as medication in lowering high blood pressure, and can help reduce or eliminate your chances of stroke.  It is established that the risk of several other prominent age-related disorders, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes, is influenced by the nutrient value of the food you eat and by the level of food intake - high food intake increases risk, and low food intake reduces risk.   As we age, the nutritional value of dietary intake becomes very important. It has been suggested that the age-associated declines in immune function are similar to that seen by protein-calorie malnutrition.  Additionally, many older people live alone and may not give adequate attention to the quality of foods they consume. Many older men and women are deficient in vitamin C, vitamin E, riboflavin, pyridoxine, iron, and zinc.  Several researchers have indicated that proper nutrition can modulate the age-related decline of the immune system. 

So, what else do we need now to go for Longlife Nutrition Style ?

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