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  • Events on Food
  • Donec tellus enim, fermentum et sollicitudin
  • Donec tellus enim, fermentum et sollicitudin
  • The International Scientific Conference on Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods, Food and Function 2011, was held during 25th – 27th October 2011 in the university city of Kosice, Slovakia. The conference programme focused on current advances in the research of nutraceuticals and functional foods and their present and future role in maintaining health and preventing diseases.
  • Officine del Sapore 2018 We are Present with a Stand from 17 to 19 November. A prestigious event dedicated to food and wine Made in Italy, now in its second edition, which aims to enhance the excellence of the territory and promote the growth of quality of public exercises by involving and sensitizing local administrations.
  • Nutraceuticals and functional foods are intensively researched for their role in maintaining health and the preventing diseases. The science behind is growing rapidly not only because of the growing number of new substances or type of novel foods, but also while regulatory bodies require more and more evidence on efficacy, mode-of-action and safety.
  • The goal of the conference was to provide a scientific forum for all stakeholders of nutraceuticals, functional foods and enable interactive exchange of state-of-the-art knowledge. The conference focused on the evidence-based benefits of nutraceuticals and functional foods.
  • At Food and Function 2011, leading scientists presented and discussed current advances in the research of nutraceuticals and functional foods. New scientific evidences that support or question the efficacy of already existing or prospective substances and applications was conferred. In addition novel compounds, controversial but scientifically solid ideas, approaches and visions were presented as well.

What Kind of Food are You


Everything we like or everything we choose for ourselves has to matching our mind. For those skepticals for changements it's quiet acceptable just something that goes deep in our point of view.

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We like to call this area of our biosetting as the X factor of Genes assay. As we know from science our genetical response is the key of wellnees in life and his variation for balancing  all the other factors may induce our ideal biostate or not.

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Balancing the Taste


    A various range of chef's recipes easy to do with the simple tasting line you may like are ready for your fantasy every day. They Read More
  • Etno mix +

    Many dishes of Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Indian and other countries have entered fully into our diet. Sushi, sashimi, tempura, tandoori chicken, kebabs and falafels Read More
  • Chef's Advice +

    Vegetarian protein recipes - Seitan, tofu, tempeh are some of the main protagonists of high-protein vegetarian recipes: they are 100% vegetable foods that have nothing to Read More
  • Special for Kids +

    As we are special! So they have to be treated this way when you help them to eat good. Read More
  • ABC to eat 4 Longlife +

    We all know , little by little, that the best way to achieve and preserve the wellness for us is to find the balance, a dynamic Read More
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Our Selections

Oil to GO

Oil to GoOne of the essential component of our meal should be the gastronomic oil,

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In Vino Veritas

The Wine, the ancient "nectar of the Gods" of Roman Civilization,

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Water U Need

Water U Need

Orienting oneself in the choice of the numerous mineral waters present on

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Oil to GO

Oil to GoOne of the essential component of our meal should be the gastronomic oil,

yearly produced from those fields that can offer a very green culture from genuine plantations.

The extravirgin kind, coming from Olives can be one of the best choises, giving you a wide range of natural taste or resulting from brand that can improve the quality. In any case, the organolectic properties of this juice are able to change your organic intake and the neurohormonal modulation able to give to the body a valid  bioprotection and a great quantity of good vitamins and substrates for cellular strucure and functionality.

Slow and Smart Food

The Fast Food System seems to be the smart way to eat for surviving during our working days . Be ready sooner and  minimize downtimes for activities. But how this can impact our inner biologics events? Is it the best choise for us to sacrifice the slowly time that our body needs to restore itself? How fast and smart can we be at the same time?...or do we need to 'eat' slow style as... Longlife Nutrition Style! 

Lite to Ingest 'n Fast to Digest

We all try to avoid the discomfort that comes from a longer digestion time. In this vision the choise of the right food has to be referred to the ability of our body to assimilate enough to reach its satisfaction and meet its 'bioneeds'. The choise of a 'lite to ingest'n easy to digest'  formulas just go right into the better nutramix and the taste level of it. That should be our Longlife Nutrition Style! 

Community Solutions

While the diffusion of the knowledge's efficacy of a nutrition style for longlife improves many other challenges are facing the develope of the wellness depending from our food choises. The best level we can achieve in this "Contest for Life" will pass directly to our community's options. That's why we are pointing the main factor for a deeper changement in eating attitudes as an evolution's target. It's the Longlife Nutrition Style!   

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Long Life Nutrition Style will be present at the next Food Conventions in USA

Long Life Nutrition Style will be present at the next Food Conventions in Europe